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Copper Teflon Boat Bottom Paint
This low drag, non-stick, performance-enhancing marine boat bottom coating may be applied every year. Most growths are repelled by copper and will slide off the surface when speeds of 10 to 15 knots are achieved. Copper Teflon antifouling bottom paint has the capacity to perform in areas of highest fouling challenge. $39.98 per quart

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Catalyzed Teflon Urethane  
Non-stick, blue, charcoal, clear, white, or yellow catalyzed urethane boat bottom paint $49.98 per quart

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Zinc Chromate Epoxy Primer  
Metal finishes need to be protected from contact with other metals like copper. In addition, the zinc protects against rust and provides a strong epoxy bond to both your bottom surface and your top coats. Most urethanes and other coatings do not have the adhesive power of epoxy. $39.98 per quart

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Divot Filling Glaze Compound  
Need to fair your bottom before painting? Small boat bottom imperfections, such as divots, hairline cracks, scratches, and concave surfaces can be quickly faired with this soft, no mixing glazing compound. This glazing compound hardens quickly, sands easily, and can be applied as many times as needed to achieve a uniform minimum drag surface. Smooth Sailing bottom paint can then seal out water for long lasing permanent fixes.  $4.98 per tube

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Sanding Sponges (80 grit)  
Smooth your boat bottom and remove marine growths, wax, and other stains quickly and easily with an 80 grit sanding sponge. The sponge contours to your bottom, can blend in repair material, and produce micro scratches for good top coat adhesion. Use wet or dry.
$4.98 each

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Roller Cover Frame and Paint Tray  
No need to crawl around under your boat during application. These four-inch-wide roller frames have threaded handles so that broom handles, or extension handles, can be threaded in. Comes with a matching disposable roller tray for easy application. $5.98

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Ultra Smooth Mohair Roller Covers (pair)  
The smoother you apply the coating, the smoother your bottom will be. These ultra smooth mohair roller covers are only 4 in. wide so they never bridge low spots in your hull. Yet they quickly apply bottom paint evenly without showing overlaps. Each bag contains two roller covers. $6.98 per pair

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Foam Brushes For Detail Work  
An easy-to-use brush for those hard-to-reach corners along your keel, rudder, and trailer or cradle bunks. Also great for smoothing out air bubbles that may show up during application. 4-inch-wide, soft, and disposable.
$0.98 per brush

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Blue Water Line Masking Tape  
Ever have tape pull off some of your finish? This blue water line masking tape's adhesive will help you avoid pulling off base coatings. The tape can remain on the hull until the end of the job, for weeks, yet will remove easily when done.
$4.98 per roll

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